I'm regularly asked questions about how I got started and what My likes and dislikes are. It is natural to want to know everything possible about your Goddess so that you can serve Me to the best of your abilities. So, settle down onto your knees and pay close attention to what I have to say.

Personal Information

Hair: Natural Blonde

Eyes: Blue

Shoe Size: UK5

Height: 5'5" Barefoot

Birthday: May 24th
I adore being showered with gifts at any time of the year but especially in May!

Professional Experience:
I have 17 years experience as a Professional Dominatrix and a whole lot more as a Lifestyle Mistress (2019)



In My youth I was always a bit of a bossy boots. With My innocent looks and angelic blonde hair I was able to get away with anything! Although I was incredibly shy, in My teenage years it became apparent just how easy it was to get boys to do things for Me and My friends. Although back then it certainly wasn't anything that I associated with domination. It was more about using My feminine charms to get My way and discreetly mocking the boys for being so weak. I was always so tactful with My torment and degradation – it pays to go unnoticed by teachers and other adults. It was fun to be perceived as the innocent shy blonde girl when really I was manipulative and really quite mean!

I entertained various forms of domination throughout My years of growing up but didn't really focus on anything specific. Authority and Spoilt Princess type behaviour seemed to come naturally whenever it felt like it.

After a few years travelling and discovering Myself, I eventually found Myself thinking rather intently about the fetish lifestyle once again. After dabbling here and there, My feelings soon grew into an obsession and I realised that I truly did possess the power to have whatever I wanted. I enjoyed having men fall at My feet and worshipping Me and I could not get enough of it!

In 2002 I contacted a local dominatrix who very kindly took Me under her wing and helped Me on My journey of professional domination. DivineMistress.co.uk was born and here I am several years later. I'm proud of the Woman I have become and although I am a lot more particular about who I allow to serve Me these days, I still enjoy and am certainly accustomed to having men fall at My perfect feet.

10 FAQ's

What is Your favourite type of footwear?

I adore both shoes and boots. I do have a penchant for platform footwear with elegant stiletto heels. It is very rare that I will choose footwear without a platform - even a little one is good. For shoes I am lured by peep toes. For boots I like knee highs and ankle boots. And for those casual days I do like wedge heels. I have about 50 pairs of fetish/session footwear. I'm not sure how many personal shoes I have ... whatever it is, it isn't enough!! I like a variety of shoe designers - some high street brands such as Moda in Pelle, Kurt Geiger, Carvela and Dune. Like most Women I adore various designers - some of My favourites are Giuseppe Zanotti, Vivienne Westwood and Christian Louboutin. And I cannot go without mentioning My admiration for bespoke shoes by Natacha Marro.

What are Your favourite things to do outside of BDSM?

I love listening to music – of which I have varied tastes. I enjoy keeping fit in various ways – swimming and boxing are more preferable than time in a gym. I enjoy being pampered by professionals – massages and other beauty treatments. I love to travel and explore different cultures. I love wildlife and activities such as scuba diving. I take pleasure in simply relaxing and not doing anything at all – preferably on a deserted beach.

How can i impress You?

If I told you how to do that, it would be more like Me impressing Myself rather than you taking the time to figure that out for yourself! However, I am aware that some of you need more guidance than others – so here are some pointers for you to consider:


- Educate yourself about Me via the information on this website before you contact Me.

- Do not just list off activities that you would like – add your own personal thoughts and allow   Me to see the real you.

- Be respectful, honest and sincere at all times. Be willing to obey and have your limits pushed.   Make an effort to please Me and not just yourself.

- Do not send Me curt or one line emails. If you cannot be bothered to put the time into           writing a personal and detailed email, I cannot be bothered to play with you.

- Send a tribute: This could be something such as writing Me a poem or a story or painting Me   a picture. It could mean giving Me a thoughtful gift or gifting Me your willing cash.

- If you are fortunate enough to have been granted an audience with Me, arrive clean and tidy!   It is not often that an unkempt slave arrives at My door, but when he does it displeases Me     and could result in being sent away.

- Do not waffle on about what a fantastically obedient slave you are! I've heard it all before       and not only does it bore Me but I often find I am dramatically let down. Actions speak louder   than words.


Can i get a discount on Your session tribute?

No! My fee is appropriate for someone of My skill and enthusiasm. No matter what you are looking for, My preparations begin long before you arrive. So whether you are looking for a simple foot session or an elaborate role-play, my fee cannot be negotiated. And NO, I do not accept a trade of services – I already have a stable of well trusted and thoroughly trained slaves to do My cleaning and other non-Goddess duties.

Can i be Your personal slave?

A few lucky submissives have progressed on to become My personal servants over the years. While I have found these relationships to be fulfilling, they can also be quite demanding of My time. At the moment I do not have the time or the desire to take on any new personal slaves. In fact I have never set out to find a personal slave – that is not how it works with Me. In order to progress to personal slave status you must first become a loyal and consistent submissive/client. If I see potential in you I will consider you for rigorous slave training.

There are those of you that think that becoming a personal slave is a way to get free sessions. This is definitely not the case. I will expect more of you than a submissive who visits Me for regular sessions. As a personal slave you will be expected to put My wants and needs above your own. you will be expected to work hard, be devoted and be generous. you will be required to help out in My day to day life (although not everyday) – chauffeuring, cleaning, technical duties, DIY duties, etc. And you will be required to be quiet and patient whenever I need My alone time. Being a personal slave is hard work!

If you genuinely believe you have the potential to become a personal servant, there are no short cuts. you'll simply have to start visiting Me for regular sessions and prove your worth.

Do You travel to other cities / countries for sessions?

After having been permanently based in England for almost 11 years of My ProDom career, I now spend My time travelling for sessions. As well as My years in Brighton, London and Bristol, I have been previously available for sessions in the USA, Canada, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, Czech Republic and Spain. Any planned trips are listed on the booking page of My website. Of course if you are too eager and can't wait for Me to plan a trip to your location, you can always invite Me to your city at your expense.

Are any sexual acts allowed?

No! While some of the things I do may be considered sensual and erotic, there certainly won't be any blatant sexual interaction. I don't care how 'attractive' you are or how 'big' your cock is ... no means no!

Can i serve You financially?

I love having little piggy banks to fund My lavish lifestyle. There are a variety of ways and a variety of degrees to which you can serve Me in this manner. Be it a meagre monthly gift or a generous weekly tribute, I'll take it all! I adore receiving cash or physical gifts just because you know I deserve them and you want to make Me happy. Equally I enjoy forcing you to give Me more and show Me your devotion. Email me to find out how you can pay one of My loathsome bills or maybe you'd like to take Me shopping and enjoy the sensation of squirming with degradation and uncertainty as I burn a hole in your plastic. Spend, spend, spend piggy!!!

Can i request a certain outfit for our session?

Yes, you certainly can politely request a particular outfit for our session. This must be done in advance of the actual session day. If you ask on the day I will not fulfil your request. If you ask in advance but do so in a rude and demanding manner, I certainly won't fulfil your request – in fact I might choose not to see you at all. If you ask politely and in advance there is a chance I may say no to your request so you'll either just have to accept it or move on.

How cruel/harsh can You be?

I regularly get asked this question. Silly males are under the assumption that My blonde hair and innocent looks make Me a soft touch and that I would be too insecure to give a damn good beating. How can someone so beautiful be so cruel? No, that isn't a question that I am asking you – it is a statement that a number of My slaves and clients frequently say. Make no mistake – I can be incredibly sadistic and cruel, either because the mood takes Me or because you deserve it. I can be just as harsh with My tongue as I can be with a whip. When it comes to torturing you physically, cock and ball torture and nipple torture are My favourite things – I relish in being able to look into your eyes as I prod, bash and squeeze you. It gives Me immense pleasure to see you feeling degraded, in pain, in desperation for the pain to stop, in desperation to please and perhaps feeling some pleasure of your own. I enjoy corporal punishment too – it is thrilling to send you away with a stripy bottom, knowing that every time you sit down you'll be thinking of Me. Which leads to My most harsh form of domination ... it isn't all about physical activities. I enjoy torturing you mentally. I enjoy verbally insulting you. I enjoy working My way into your mind so that you obsess about Me when you are not near. I will dominate your thoughts and you will crave Me.

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